Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is this for REALZ?

I don't know if ya'll saw Joanquin on David Letterman (via perez) but DANG this is ridiculous

Was he being serious? I cant tell!

Then Also, I am still astounded that Chris Brown (who i used to love) HIT Rhianna. I mean what? I think he just committed career suicide. Dang! Now he can join the likes of Michael Jackson, and R. Kelly.


Mississippi Candice said...


grizaham said...

I think this will catapult chris brown into super stardom!!! You speak of michael Jackson & r. Kelly. You love them both & they have violated small boys and micturated on young woman respectively.... The fact that one can sing or ball these days gives people to do anything which I totally disagree with.
So what's next??

UAB mom said...

wow...was he on something!! that was almost painful to watch

Caroline's Mom said...

I was wondering the samething about Joaquin. I think it might be a hoax...I mean, come on, rapping??? Ha

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