Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to All!

Yesterday I went to the Art & Invention Gallery of East Nash. It is a cool place that sells the local artists' wares and stuff. From time to time they have workshops and every Valentines they have a craft day where you can come in and purchase a wooden heart and decorate it with thousands of the supplies provided.

They even provided smocks, hair dryers to help the drying process, hot glue guns, ribbons, GLITTER, feathers.. you name it.
and here is the one I made for my snugs. He wore it around his neck last night like Flava Flav and it was awesome.
Tonight we shall celebrate in our typical non traditional Nashville style with a Predators Game. We are excited because Sarah and Marshall Wiley Lewis will be coming to join us and spend the night! Hooray. Pictures later incase you have forgotten what they look like.

1 comment:

AndreaLeigh said...

that is awesome! how fun. i'd love to do something like that, and how sweet of the mister to rock his heart all night.

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