Monday, February 23, 2009

Granpa's Political Corner: Stimulus what?

Can we decide what the "stimulus" bill is to accomplish? Stimulate the economy, create three million new jobs, provide relief for the "troubled mortgage market", provide relief for the citizens, etc.

Does the "stimulus" bill accomplish these things? Any jobs created will be government jobs and by their very nature lost when the particular project is completed. We were told it was a dire emergency to pass this bill or our economy might be lost and unrecoverable yet any jobs will be a year or two in being implemented. The expenditure of funds seems to be directed at financial institutions which were mismanaged and therefore in swampo. Does the bill provide relief from the peculiar trade negotiations we have undertaken? What provisions are there for addressing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other "free trade" agreements? What provisions are there for addressing the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SSP)? What provisions are made to address the problems and expenditures associated with the "unfettered" migration from Mexico? What provisions are there for revamping welfare (which seems to be a hodgepoge of regulations)?. Are there provisions to revamp the taxation of business that would provide a better work environment? Have there been considerations that history shows us that a nation can not spend its way out of a depression?

It seems to me that the "stimulus" legislation only stimulates the nations debt.
The Fed has, I am told, injected some 2 trillion dollars, in addition to what the two emergency bills provide. The Fed is not part of the federal government but guess who will pay the interest and principal. These expenditures result in a rapid expansion of the government control (socialism) of our lives. Our money has gone from gold backed to silver backed and with the Fed in control of the money supply to "faith in the government" backing. It seems to me that with the government continual spending beyond our means that we could end up owing so much that the government would further confiscate earnings leaving the citizens totally dependent upon government support because the government would in effect own everything, including our freedom which is the glue that holds the nation together.

What do I think of the Stimulus" legislation? I think it is a wish list and payback of "pork" and has no chance of accomplishing much.



Kyle said...

Amen brother! If the government wants to control everything, we might as well resort to communism. Same thing.

chad g. said...

Spend the upcoming weekend stocking up on the following:

- 12 months' of food and water
- firewood for 2 winters
- enough ammunition to fend off the neighborhood when they come looking for your food and firewood

Then you can turn off the TV, change the radio to good old rock music and cancel the newspaper subscriptions. We'll all be much happier people.

Granpa said...

02/24/02 An after dinner mint. An appropriation bill now before Congress is for 400+ billion and contains 10+ billion earmarks. How sweet it is.

AndreaLeigh said...

i do not know what to think... what I really want to know is WHERE IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM? are we dealing with monopoly money now? seriously, a trillion dollars???

Cary said...

Our good old government is printing us the money! Yes, it is worth as much as the paper it is printed on - probably less! Socialism here we come!

Anonymous said...

Will the government really own everything, when the Fed (quasi-public ~ a private bank really !!) is lending the money to the government ? And the money is in turn backed by the government. Nice Loop. But that's the ingenuity of capitalism and free trade. Don't worry, not everyone can go bankrupt -- the government needs its taxes and the Fed needs to get back its interest.

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