Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February: The Month of Organizing...: Labeling

Earlier I did a post on the Home Maintenance Manual and Organizing those types of things. The month of Feb will be all about the organizing. Should have been done in January but you know how it goes... always a day late...
This month Domino Magazine has a great article called "The Wacky Art of Labeling"... and rest assured I have this art MASTERED! ha
Some people do indeed find it wacky ( so wacky in fact that they felt the need to poke fun at my obsession by, labeling everything in our entire house by taking 3x5 index cards from my office and write things like "wall" "fan" "window" etc... VERY funny marshall & marty)... but it can also be very fun and beautiful... and addictive.
To start you off, you MUSt have a P-touch. SSW bought me my first one and it was love at first sight. In my home I have a stupid cheapo Dymo one.. but the Brother P-touch brand is where it's at. You can purchase from Wal-Mart Target or online. Look HERE

Here is my cheapy:
Other cool types of labeling: If you have kids You MUST order from one of these places: www.stuckonyou.biz www.mabelslabels.com I always order some Navy Blue ones that say GRAHAM and put them on all our camping gear, tailgating gear, casserole dishes .. you name it. It makes it easier for things to be returned to you when they are lost, borrowed or mixed up!

If you have pretty handwriting ( which i DO NOT) but people like Julie Brayball these are neat!
And these are super neat!
Pilot Gadget Labels from Spoon Sisters $6 each come in 3 different kinds ( Home, Office, Electronic) and are for identifying cords. I have one MILLION cords in my office so knowing which plug is where could be awesome. I tried writing on them with a paint pen first but that didnt work so well.

And Labels for the Kitchen! These are erasable ones so you can label your tupperware. I like to date EVERYTHING. so if you cooked on Monday you would date the food for that day and then know when it is too gross to be eaten.. and so would anyone else that goes digging around in there. My mom caught Erik munching down on some Flax seeds that were over a year expired once.. and even though we could not stop laughing I thought he was gonna barf when she told him. ha.. ( remember that bubs?)
Container Store $

If Ya'll know about some cool labels that I haven't mentioned send me some ideas!


Amy said...

I too own a label maker and love to label things, but I have no follow through. Perhaps you can come to my house and get me organized, what do you think LG? Neighborhood project?

Andrea said...

All your talk about organizing has inspired me to organize our pantry, which is long overdue! I think I'll do that today! However I have no labelmaker....

grizaham said...

You get a lot of use out of that labeler. I am still enjoying the "ceiling" label.. ;)

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