Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Belated Valentines Goodies...

We had a great Valentines weekend with the Lewis' in town. I forget how similiar Marshall & Erik are! Several people at the hockey game thought they were brothers, and one person thought they were twins! ha
Anyway, I have to give a shout out to my Martha Stewart neighbor J.Gro for baking this lovely cake which she delivered with a bottle of champagne. I thought that was so cute and perfect and THOUGHTFUL! Ya'll know how I love Holiday stuff!
Friday night we had a fun dinner with the holders, Justin and an old friend ( Mike Greer) that I worked with at Cheeburger in Auburn and his new beautiful wife!
Then we got some pretty Valentines cards from Deborah & Nonie!! and a Flip Mino from my parents which we shall put to great use! I have underestimated the value of short videos until that old hard drive recovery. It is SO funny to see clips of us years ago, especially when we first got Ralphie I laugh so hard at what a careful mom I was and how into it we both were.
Juliel got me a really neat purple scarf with peace signs all over it that i will be rockin all summer long!
So you can see we feel really loved! Thanks to all you guys who made the weekend so awesome!
Love back at ya! ( follow that with Ellen's kakaka noise) ha


AndreaLeigh said...

gorgeous cake! i'm glad you had a good valentine's day.

Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart would be jealous of that cake!

Cary said...

What a wonderful neighbor you have! Beautiful cake!

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