Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bathroom Project!

Below is a BEFORE SHOT of the bathroom, actually a couple of paint colors ago. As the tile changed in the shower , do did the paint. Now that our shower has been redone and is actually working, we decided to repaint with a color my Aunt CC chose. "Smoke Screen" which is a Pittsburg Paint color. We are really happy with it. It looks a lot better on the walls when dry than when you just look at the color.

Bubs basically did all the work and I was the "project manager" ha.. In addition to painting he added some shelves for me. Those shelves you see above were about shoulder high to the ceiling and they are very deep as well so hard to reach or use that space effectively. Erikface added a few extra LOWER shelves which will allow me to actually use them AND will keep Ralphie from stealing clothes out of the hamper. I got that neat curtain at Target to cover the shelves but will show their absolute beauty & organization soon! As you can see I need the curtain to be a little longer so it can cover that whole space, I just couldnt bare to pay that ridiculous price for TWO fo them. We shall see.


Mississippi Candice said...

LOVE the color!!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding work Erik!

grizaham said...

Bathroom looks good!

Amy said...

It is a Woot color, I LOVE it!!! Great job team work!

AndreaLeigh said...

for the curtain, you could add on a little fringe and move the rod up. buy a little brown fabric and just glue right on. you can add some rick-racky type stuff for a litle extra.

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