Thursday, February 5, 2009

And Now for the 60 Million Dolla Question.....

Dear Internets,
Am I PREGARS? ..... Today I will go to Uncle Louie's and find out. I like to sleep and eat a lot lately so maybe? I have really enjoyed my new curves too, which hopefully will stick around for summer so I can display them in a hot little Bikini.
Ralphie my brother/husband really thinks I am pregs and has already taken on that jealous husband role. He saunters around the house crying and whining all day for momma to hold him or to make sure he is the center of attention... just like a man! Grrrr
Anyways... come back tomorrow and find out if I am with pup/s or not!

Bones & Tatas
Flossie Bossie Sparkles Graham


Mississippi Candice said...

So is she preggers or what?????

grizaham said...

Dang. Bossie is NOT pregnant! Guess we will try again in 3.5 months!

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