Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol Season 8: The Ones to Talk About

Love this guy, and I cry EVERY time he is on camera. DANG
I think this guy will be one of the final contestants. Top 3.
Love Danny! He is sweet.
I like this girls Voice. But the girl below. DANG! I want to GET RID OF HER. She hurts my ears and my head. UGH enough of her tatianna blah blah. How did she even make it this far ( and she is a TRAGIC dresser)
Norman Gentle! I love him. He is Hilarious! I'm surprised he has made it this far though.
Thoughts? Are Ya'll watching?


Julie Bray said...

I agree completely! I don't really have a favorite girl yet... lots of guys. Did you see visually impaired (blind) guy's hot brother during tryouts? Hope he shows up a lot to support!

Mississippi Candice said...

I love the guy that lost his wife. He is just so sweet!!!!

grizaham said...

I just really enjoy tatiana's noises & hyperventilating. I hope she makes it far..

Alex said...

LOVE the first guy and Danny! I cringe every time they show Tatianna .The girl drives me crazy!

ml said...

I have watched every episode so far, but I am considering NOT watching any more because of Tatiana. Are you kidding me? I cannot BELIEVE they put her through. Girl is batpoo crazy!

UAB mom said...

chase and I are obsessed! i have to agree with your favorites and i also agree that tatianna needs to go...maybe they kept her for the drama...her and that weird guy with the lip piercing!

AndreaLeigh said...

i love danny! i was so disappointed his friend didn't make it, though.

Caroline's Mom said...

I completely agree with you! Tatiana is annoying as crap. I can't believe that she made it through. Scott is awesome and I like the same other guys as you! Danny...I'm still upset that his friend did not make it through.

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