Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday It Snowed!

Hooray! I love the snow. It is already cold so it may as well be pretty right?! We woke up to this!
And look at this sibling love. TRUE love = sharing the space heater AND the bed....
and then it was on to another one of my 2009 Resolutions. DE-CLUTTER. Yikes. I save everything, mostly cause I cant remember anything. For Example, Yesterday our microwave stopped working ! You know the one we just bought last year? Well to get the service man I had to look up when we bought it, when it was installed , serial #'s ... etc. I did find it all, but not quickly. ( Wouldn't you know it that we purchased it on Jan 11th. Had it installed 2 weeks later, and the warranty runs out after 1 YEAR. We missed that by just a hair. RAH. After some persuasion, I got them to pay for parts and labor and i just pay the service call.)
So anyway, after that - I spent the entire day going through all the stuff in my office. Filing one million reciepts, making folders, and .....AND organizing and putting away every scrap I have saved from the 7 or so magazine subscriptions we have. That was major. I updated all bajillion of my journals ( House, Home Maintenance, Concert Ticket stubs, Recipes, Take out Menus, Gardening tips, Going Green Suggestions, Dream Rooms, etc).
I say all this to say it feels GREAT to have all of that done. I would love to hear how you guys keep such things organized! What do you keep and what do you toss? All of my "keepingness" comes straight from my Nonie. I know this because at Christmas she wrapped my brothers present in the fossil of a box you see below.

I still have a little more to do and I will report back with pictures of that later. I have noticed in magazines the key to keeping all those book shelves neat and pretty is to stick with a color scheme so I will be covering some of my not so cute books in fabric or wrapping paper that sticks to my color scheme and we shall see how that looks!


grizaham said...

Nice work on the organization. We may get some more snow days coming up soon it looks like.. Really looking forward to some beach time.

What I Know said...

I may have told you this before, but like you, I can't remember...ha! Anyway, hurricane Katrina cured me of saving things. I came back to a flattened slab of a home and all my stuff was GONE, as in, nowhere to be found. From that day on, clutter was not an issue. First of all, I no longer had anything, so the things I did collect were necessary, like clothes, furniture, etc. Secondly, it made me realize I kept way too much because I never once missed any of the cluttery things that were washed away. So now, I throw away everything except stuff like important financial papers, users manuals, etc. I don't keep receipts unless it's a major purchase, and I don't keep the power bill bags go bye bye or reuse them for trash. Everything has a home in my house because I cannot stand it otherwise, and it has made me much more organized, less stress, MUCH easier to clean. Thanks Katrina!

Fran said...

I love your house. The snow is great. YOu are so organized!

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