Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whiz in the Kitchen Wednesday...

Today has been very productive. I spent most of the day in my office, cleaning out or "purging" as Scott would say, junk, bill books, filings clothes from last season that need packing and listing etc. Then I moved on to the Kitchen where I have created yet another masterpiece! ha
I got the recipe from Lindsay Pauley's Recipe Blog ( click her name for a link). I regret being too lazy to take a picture when I was done, because it looked picture perfect! I served mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli for sides. While nothing I cook is timed correctly or is the right temperature at eating time, I am doing very well with not wasting a thing! Cooking either just enough for that meal or putting away left overs for later. I am starting to feel like Ree, this lady I used to babysit for when I was in High School. Back in those days,when prepared food was the norm and not such a rare occurence, I did NOT eat left overs. EVER. I am sure my mom is rolling her eyes as she reads this and remembers. Ree, however, saved EVERYTHING. I would come over to keep her kids and she would tell me how she had such and such in the freezer and some of those things would be like 3 tablespoons of food. I have finally reached the place in my life to appreciate her infinite kitchen wisdom and thrift! So Ree, tonight I saved 3 Broccoli crowns and thought of you as I tucked them into the tiniest little tupperware piece. HA
And since I have been cooking, I have come to the realization that my kitchen cabinet arrangement makes no sense, and I spent a good part of the evening re-arranging them. Where is Susannah when I need her!?!? I can see that now that I am actually spending time in there, I will need to focus more energy on making it a better space. I did get a nice 5x8 Rug over the Holiday for TEN dollars at Dirt Cheap! Awesome huh?
So everyone comment with tips and dont forget to email me some recipes!!

Oh yeah, ... one neat kitchen tip I learned from my neighbor J.Gro is

** If you gotta sqeeze some lemons, put them in the microwave first and they will be MUCH easier to squeeze the juice from! **


grizaham said...

Good stuff youre making in the kitchen babe. Keep it up.

Julie Bray said...

great tip! Never knew that!
Love the bit about saving 3 broccoli crowns tucked in a tiny tupperware piece! Bet that would be an ity bity piece from a tubberware party... fun storage stuff!

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