Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today's Trip to 10,000 Villages!

Today, along with our trip to Home Depot Expo, J.Gro and I stopped at 10,000 Villages. Right away I realized that we had one of those on the Campus at Ridgecrest.
(Ridgecrest is a church camp right outside of Ashville, NC where I lived & worked the summer after High School.)
I spent all my pay checks there because I love trinkets and things from other countries. I especially love Guatamalan or Indian things. I have a small collection of these items, as well as some brought to me by friends who went abroad like Scotty when he was in the peace corp.

Anyway, 10,000 Villages is a really cool idea/company that basically promotes fair trade and acts as a mission to all sorts of countries. You can read the whole deal HERE and also you can shop online at that website as well!

Aren't these the cutsiest ever? If I had a kid I would totally make it wear Lion or Frog knitted caps with matching gloves!
This is a section of lots of the different cultural music. I dig that sort of thing....
Also TONS of hand made instruments from all sorts of countries. It is neat how creative people get when they wanna make some music! I thought these jingle bell sticks were pretty.


grizaham said...

Interesting looking place!


i went to ridgecrest my soph year in hs for a weekend retreat. What a great place!

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