Monday, January 5, 2009

This Year I have 45 Million Resolutions!

and so far so good! Well kind of. A New Year and clean slate is kind of fun and I have been doing pretty well with all of my goals... except one! .... dang exercise.. RAH
but some of my successful resolutions are:
  • To clean out my office and and never let it get so messy again ( still in progress)
  • To wash my makeup off every night before bed, like for real wash it off with cleanser and toner and moisturizer... and maybe wrinkle cream ha
  • To cook all week long like normal women/wives do. No more fast food!
  • To be much more money conscious. Like grown up conscious where you save for retirement and all that jazz.
  • To discipline my doggles, especially on the barking issue.
  • To drink MUCH more water and Way LESS Sprite-drank.
  • To make a daily schedule and stick to it
It's amazing how much more gets done with I plan it out in advance. In case you didn't know, I don't DO advance.. advance anything! And I am pretty amazed at how well I am doing in the cooking department. So far almost everything has been edible, and well balanced, AND here comes the big part... I am using all of the items I bought at the grocery store and nothing is being wasted or rotting away in the fridge.. ha
So thanks to all who have helped me with lots of emails and recipes and pointers. Erik especially appreciates it...

PS Tomorrow is MacWorld 2009 so I will probably be MIA all day.. HA


Lori C. said...

Don't feel bad about the take out/fast food thing. ALL wives should do that AT LEAST once a week. We need breaks too! And there should be one night a week the hubbie cooks (sorry Eric - probably not what you wanted to hear!) I will have to say I got lucky in that department. I really enjoy cooking but Robbin cooks at least twice a week or we make it a joint effort (ie - he grills the meat & I cook all the sides).

AndreaLeigh said...

great resolutions. i also want to cook more and save money!

Julie Bray said...

Wrinkle Cream, Really?!? No Way! Ha

I can't keep quite on the whole "normal women/wives" cooking... WHAT!?!? Is this 1945? Who has ever told you that "normal" women/wives cook all week long??? It's a joint effort, only cook if you are the one with the time, desire, passion... NOT because you are a woman! if you both are busy, take turns, or out without feeling guilt that you are the woman and it's expected of you!
OK, stepping off my soup box....

Lindsey said...

I am with you on the water. I'm trying to drink 100 oz a day but oh-my-goodness it is so very hard.

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