Monday, January 5, 2009

Really REALLY neat Iphone APp!!

I dont have anyway to post a link to this , but I think this is one of the coolest Apps ever invented for the iphone. It monitors your SLEEP! So all night long it is listening and whenever you wake up or make noises that disrupt smooth sleep it will record them and you can listen to them in the morning and categorize them which will help you find ways to get a more restful sleep.
Erik and I tried it last night and we had 145 disruptions!! ha ONE HUNDRED FORTY FIVE!!
The majority of them were the bed creaking. He has had those mattresses since 1996... they are very squeaky and in need of replacement so everytime he rolls over it brings about a small earth quake..
Then it also recorded things like the train that goes by our house, I never hear it and was surprised it was so loud in our bedroom! anyway its totally neat and fun! Go to iTunes and read the reviews... those were pretty funny!


Shay said...

I need this! I wonder if it will track my dogs licking themselves or the gunshots going off in the alley behind my house.

Mississippi Candice said...

I want an iphone just for that!!!

Julie Bray said...

got it... can't wait to see what it says in the AM.... and when Bryan returns tomorrow night.

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