Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Weekend in Review...

Truly, my weekend started on Thurs. night. That was the night that I once again, forgot my age, ( you know how that happens to me every so often) and decided it was a brilliant idea to come home after the hockey game and going out, and stay up till 3 am singing on the Sing Star Kareoke game with SeanEBug.
My "always smarter than me" husband called it quits at 1... but i was convinced that there was still much more fun to be had. I was right, it was major fun, but I was SO tired on Friday. Geesh Maneesh. I have also been slightly hoarse since then. Staying up late used to be my thing, I was so good at it! Sleep? Who needs it? but these days.. as I get older.. I rather enjoy that regular sleep at regular hours concept.
So after launching in on Thursday night we went into Friday night where we had a bunch of friends come over for board games.. well board games dont hold a candle to the fun of a Kareoke game.. just ask any one of these peeps you see below...

So we did more singing till 3am. ( no Wiggs you can NOT sing Aha "Take on me" again)
This was also the night I realized that Cory can sing. Like for reals! So we shall add to her repetoir of music loving hippie chick, who can drop MAJAH bucks on couture without batting an eye, POPSTAR. Enjoy your new title Cory.
I skipped Saturday, which for my bubs was filled with a Titans game in the morning and a preds game right after that. I went grocery shopping and did housework, and then had a marathon of TV shows since I was in full control of the TV for a change. ha
Sunday, I really should have gone to church, and I didnt. RAH. Woot-A-Loot picked me up at 1 to go to the Movie "Bridal Wars" with her and Cory. It was a great movie. We had lunch at this burger place real quick before the movie and the table next to us sat a couple.
Now, I am about to get on my soap box.
The dude at that table flips out because his "food was cold by the time his milkshake got there" ..seriously.. because everyone KNOWS it is a requirement that you wait to eat your food, until the milkshake gets there. I cant imagine drinking a milkshake at the same time as eating a hamburger. GROSS.. anyway..
It started bringing back lots of memories of waiting tables at Cheeburger Cheeburger and some of the hateful people I delt with. ( I can tell you that the waiter at this place was ALOT nicer than I ever was in similiar situations.) They tried to give the meanjerk of a man free food, a coupon for more free food, but he insisted that nothing could make up for this TERRIBLE thing they did. He was NEVER gonna come back there again. He was just insisting on staying mad and unhappy.
It was downright ridiculous and i was about 5 seconds away from bringing a reality check to his hate parade, because it is so hard to just watch someone berate a waiter like that,loudly, in public. Anyway people like that should be banned from restaurants.
Ok stepping down now..
Then we went to that movie, which was awesome and hilarious. Then to the mall for the FREE tinted moisturizer at Keils right now ( promotion) and Cory & Woot helped me pick out a dress for the Celine Concert on Tues!
Matt & Scott will be here tomorrow and we shall start the Kareooke Concert all over again!
I bet ya'll thought I was tired of singing.. ha


AndreaLeigh said...

sounds like a fun weekend! thanks for the review on bride wars - i want to see that.

Amy said...

It was definitely a weekend of fun! And yes, Corrine can sing her little heart out...I can't carry a tune in a bucket but still heart sing star!

Cory Holder said...

I am so going to get the American Idol PS3 game tonight after work...Chad is out of town and I do my best singing for the dogs! :) Thanks for the props...nice to have an audience again! ;)

What I Know said...

hahaha! Sounds like a fun weekend. I especially like the story of the man and his hate parade. I hate when people act like that because I get embarrassed for them, and have this horrible habit of indirectly trying to make them look/feel stupid by staring them down like they are the epitome of dirtbag. I haven't quite gotten the nerve to actually step in and start a rant. Other news: MSCandice will be in Nash on Friday...not sure what we will be doing, but you are invited! Sorry I didn't get back to you about last Friday...I ended up going out with my friend I mentioned.

auhays said...

As a former member of the foodservice industry, I will say that that guy deserved a cold cheeseburger in the face. I remember a guy like that at Snapper O'Malley's who threw change at me as my tip because his fries were "lukewarm". He was promptly shown the door by a much larger employee than me. Bastards!

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

sounds like a blast! i was sickly all weekend so I caught up on rest and had lots and lots of soup...

Courtney said...

WHAT THE HECK?!?! you went to see Bride Wars and DID NOT EVEN extend the invitation?? You have moved down my list...all 3 of you!

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