Thursday, January 22, 2009

New YEars Resolution # 4,567: Celebrity Work Out..

I told you guys about all of the changes I wanted to make this year, and excersise has been the last to make the list. I have worked out 3 times since Jan.1 HA Pretty Pittiful I know.. so today, for motivation, I tried on a swimsuit. YIKERS MA-JIKERS.. it totally worked.
The thing I am most interested in doing is building muscle or toning, not so much getting smaller. My mom has told me a million times that it will be much easier to keep up if you start now, than it is to let your body get really out of hand and then try to reighn it back in... sooo
Thanks to Lizzy, I got this neat idea of a workout from Fitsugar. It is by that Tracy Anderson trainer girl who works with Madonna and Gwynneth. Both have good bodies right? She is a big believer in REPS. I almost died today tring to do all those reps.. I mean you really gotta focus to count up to 100 or 200... and focusing is not one of my strong suits. I also have massive amounts of trouble reading those instructions and knowing what the heck she means.
My biggest area of concern would be the stomach, and then the butt. I cut out all my sugary drinks ( thanks sus) and that made almost an immediate difference in the gut. I love sugar and SPRITE but dang once i saw the results it made it a little easier to stay on track. My other area, (which i am contemplating posting the swimsuit pic so you can see what i mean, my nonie might not like that though... ) anyway I need my butt back. Gwynneth has some great tips from thay same chick and this time you can download a VIDEO. Hoorayball! I will let you know how that goes. Although, I am sure i wont be able to walk for 3 days after all I have done this morning.
It'll be like my dancing in Mexico.. feels great at the time but the next day, and the next day and the NEXT day and the NEXT DAY , i will be rethinking this grand idea! HA

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AndreaLeigh said...

wow you are super dedicated! good luck on this fitness journey. i'm sure you look fabulous!

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