Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Computer Friend...

Uncle Milty, CC, & Me ( resting.. ha)
You know how, on the Holidays when you hang with Family you always have some peeps there you don't know, or don't remember from when you were young, or some crazy old men? Well we have all of that and makes for a very colorful Christmas! Uncle Larry was flirting with Julie over ichat and Uncle Milty was telling Erik about how he had gotten himself a "Bronco he couldnt break" meaning (ME)! ha... Anyway amidst all this chaos I discovered a cousin who is quite the mac nerd like myself and he has been teaching me all sorts of new fun-ness that I will be passing on to you guys.. Hooray for Herb!
So anyway, Herb told me about a new browser called FLOCK ( for those not down with the terms.. (me circa 2007) Browser means the button you click to get on the internet like FireFox... Internet Explorer etc..

And I saw an interesting article on the AppleBlog yesterday that summed up all the browsers out there and described Flock to a T. See below:

Gecko Browsers

Firefox: The other big dog in the Mac browser market besides Safari, Firefox has all the speed of Safari along with its famous extensions that can add a ton of functionality. Firefox on the Mac feels much more at home than previous versions have, and is a serious contender for the browser crown.
Acid 3 Score: 71/100
SunSpider Total: 3389.0ms

Flock: You’ve got at least one blog, a Facebook account, photos on Flickr, videos on Youtube, and you are on on Twitter 24/7. If this is you, Flock is your browser. Flock is built from the ground up to integrate into the social web. Flock has several features that make it easer to stay connected. Unfortunately, it also has a user interface that makes it easer to stay distracted too.
Acid 3 Score: 75/100
SunSpider Total: 3419.4ms


Scott Terry said...

Im a mozilla man myself.
PS that pic of you asleep with your laptop is classic!

Julie said...

I heart Uncle Larry!

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