Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Mini Me...

I had the best time ever hanging with my little cuz on our shopping extravaganza last week. I cant believe that she is 10. The only thing that makes up for her growing up, is her mouth. She is quite funny , and a serious shopper.
Below we are trying on feathered Gossip Girl headbands..

And here is a pic after we just left the Juicy Couture Store. She had a big time in there and gave me lots of advice when I was trying on clothes. In particular she let me know that the jeans I bought made my butt look big! HA... now how often can you get that kind of honest advice?
I taught her how to tie scarves and so she is wearing my scarf and carrying my Juicy loot below.
Sooo cute! I remember she came to see me in Birmingham a few years ago so I guess she was like 7 or 8.. and we went shopping, got our nails did, went to Build A Bear, and ate at cinnabon and she told me many times after that how that was like the best day ever and we needed to do it again. She has a really good memory, and that did not come from me!

1 comment:

Julie said...

She is a little Laura! Especially now that she got a computer for Christmas! Love little AC!

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