Friday, January 2, 2009

Iphone Apps of the Week!

We are getting closer and Closer to MacWorld 2009. I cant wait! Also today is the day that I take my new macbook PRO in to the apple store to have all my info transfered! Hooray!
Turns out we had a lot of new iphoners or ipod touch peeps join our clan over the Holidays!
Lori Chandler, Matt, Scott, and Susannah! Hooray!

So here are some cool apps for this week! Both FREE

One is called "Backgrounds" which is an application with tons of wallpapers and backgrounds you can browse through and download!

The other is called "Around Me" which is an app that uses your GPS location to find things you mayn need that are around you, like say a bank, or coffee shop, or hotel. I love these types of apps. I also use the Yellow Pages one a ton for this.


grizaham said...

Congrats on the new iPhoners.

Julie said...

And Jasmine is a new iPhoner too!

Scott Terry said...

i have all three apps!

Julie said...

One of my favorite new Games that is free is called "Dots Free". It's just like the game where we used to draw tons of little circles on a piece of paper and make boxes. So addicting!

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