Sunday, January 18, 2009

Iphone App of the Week! : Card Star

I have discovered a new app that i LURVE. It is called CARDSTAR. The idea of card star is to take all those annoying little cards from your key chain to places like Kroger or CVS and put them into this app on your phone and it will then take the app and turn that into a bar code that you can scan at those stores.
I NEVER have these dang cards when I need them. I think extras on your key chain are tacky and annoying so my key chain has my car key and house key and that is it. I have a separate key ring with about 20 of these little cards on it and I dont always have it with me so I will be in Kroger asking the person behind me if I can scan their card so I dont get charged full price. The people always act so put out, which is odd to me since it is not hurting them in the least but now I wont have to deal with that anymore!
The whole point behind an iphone to serve as many purposes as possible so you are not carrying around a bunch of unnecessary objects. This app is crucial in that mission. It comes with many already programmed it but you can add any that you like. So all those Movie store memberships, grocery stores, drug stores, sephora, AAA , you name it!

There is a really good write up and review over at MACNN you can read by clicking HERE.
You can see lots of pics of the app here as well.

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