Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home Depot Expo is Callin in Quits!

Isn't that just beautiful? I was totally mesmerized for like 20 minutes in this room! The Home Depot Expo Centers are going under with everyone else so J.Gro and I headed over to check out the "sales" and while it was fun, there were no good sales to speak of yet! Only 10-20%..
Erik and I have FINALLY ordered new front doors which I will blog about at length later, but here are some possible hardware pics. I hope to get this hardware at a super sale before the doors come in ( 5 Weeks)!

When working on our budget for 2009 ( dont know why this is underlined rrrrraah) We decided to focus on :
1.) New Doors on the front side porch
2.) The kitchen, like perhaps a backsplash.. maybe more..
3.) the Backyard.. its VERY ugly back there and its time for me to start planning the garden. We still really need a good electrician. Anybody know a good one in Nashvegas?

Updates and BEFORE & AFTER pics to come Soon!


grizaham said...

Kitchen needs - Backsplash, some paint, crown molding, a new sink and more cabinets..

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

if you finish your project and find you have any leftover materials, please immediately plan a trip to Mobile and rennovate my kitchen... better yet, just buy what you are planning to buy, forget about your house, and head down here and get to working :)

Amy said...

I work right next to the Expo, will have to start checking it out on a weekly basis for good sales!

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