Friday, January 30, 2009

For The Love of Music!

I have spent ALOT of time today organizing a beautiful music collection that belonged to the Great Dr. G.
When I was in Destin with Erik and his whole family ( the week we got engaged) I discovered how much I had in common with his dad, and how much I was gonna love him! He had this huge super 80's boombox with a collection of like 20 Cd's that he brought down to the beach every day and back to the condo at night. ( I never thought about it at the time, but it never ran out of batteries.. and now, I know it was because Mrs. Norma was always super prepared with extras of everything, including 40lbs of Double D Batteries). He always had the BEST tunes and I loved that CD collection. Good daughter Julie helped him put it all on his ipod when the girls in his office gave him one, I think she also made those Cd's.... Anyway, last year, Jules talked to some dudes in the Apple store in NYC about how to get his music off that ipod and she was successful! It is quite extensive so I am just now getting to organizing it and rating all the songs ( that is a huge pet peeve of mine to have songs that are not rated in the iTunes Library). I forgot how awesome of a collection it is, and it's kind of made my day.
I think it's really a neat thing that Erik & I have in common, a love for music, and a good music education from our dads. Out of all the things we have to be thankful for, maybe that is weird, but I am super thankful that I was the kid buying a Jimi Hendrix album in the 3rd Grade cause my dad was listening to real music and not Milli Vanilli. So thanks Dad! It makes me a little sad that you listen to nothing but Country now! ( what happened to you?!) ha
Anyway all of our friends with new babies, just remember how important this is! Dont let them learn about classic music on American Idol! Think about your legacy...


Mike said...

You have to remember I grew up in what was called "The Land of 1000 dances", and music was a large part of my life. Also, my 8 years as a disc jockey did not hurt. I do still listen to the oldies, but I can also remember you and I in my vehicle singing to the top of our lungs, Hey Hey good looking. Do you remember the way that woman in her yard looked at us as we rode by? You used to like country too.

Caroline's Mom said...

I couldn't agree with you more! My dad had me listening to the Beatles in utero. He, too, taught me a great appreciate for music!

Mississippi Candice said...

Ok, so I am new to itunes....What does rating your songs do?

jenn said...


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