Sunday, January 25, 2009

External Battery Packs for the Iphone...

Where there once was none, now are many! Good for us! If you are a power user of the iphone like bubs & I then you will need an extra battery pack. Here are some of the latest and greatest. I can only speak for 2 on personal experience, however this incase one sure does catch my eye. I love InCase. You can watch the video here:

You can see the MOPHIE Juice Pack HERE $99.00

Brando straight from HongKong $35

Mili Iphone Charger Pack $79.99

InCase Slider Power Pack $99.95

Here is a chart
I made comparing all 4 cases. After doing my research I think the Mili one is the best bang for the buck.

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Nice looking external batteries! Glad we alreay have one! Right, Laura????? :)

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