Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did You know that Grocery Shopping is an ART?

Maybe you didn't know that? I myself, am just now learning all the ins and outs. Typically it is something that I HATE to do. Mostly because its COLD in there and i hate having to carry multiple heavy things in the house when I am done. Erik laughs when I say that out loud, like its the most ridiculous thing he has EVER heard... but anyway its the way I feel. I also, now, can admit that I was overwhelmed and defeated in there. I would attempt to shop well and come out with 45 types of drinks and very few things to eat. I was never successful or money conscious. What a poor pitiful housewife I was!
So with my 2009 cooking resolution, I will have to say it feels REALLY good to be able to feed my snubs (and me), to save us money, and make our life more wholesome and convenient. I never knew success would feel so good, or else I would have attempted this long ago!
I think it all started when JessiDesign emailed me some tips, one of which was a "staples" list to get at the grocery each week. I did that and used every item and didn't waste anything and we had FOOD to eat! ha After that, I started getting more ambitious.
Now the things I am about to share, still overwhelm me, and I am no where NEAR these ladies expertise,.. I just find it fascinating how much thought they put into the shopping, and it does become more fun, less monotonous when you make a thrifty game out of it.
So listen up peeps:

First go to THIS BLOG and read how you can save the big bucks and figure out what stores to shop at. It's a little long but you gotta read it all t get the concept.

Then go to THIS BLOG weekly or daily or whatever to sign up for freebies, coupons, and see all the Publix Deals and sales. You can also print coupons from her site. Marty as much as you love a good coupon you will love this site!

Then.. it wouldnt be a good post if I didnt mention the Iphone right? Ha Go HERE and read this extensive article that details the difference between lots of Grocery Shopping Apps.

Do you have any great Grocery Shopping Tips? Please share...


Courtney said...

Make your list in order of the store layout, like Produce, canned goods, deli, dairy, etc. That way you don't forget anything and have to go backtrack.
Also, I've read that it's healthier to shop "the outside" which is basically produce, dairy, bakery, and dairy. You won't get a lot of things with preservatives/crap/etc. However, this is nearly impossible to do. But it's good to have a longer list for those areas. :)
Hope this helps!

Tabitha said...

I love your blog! I am a coupon clipper too!

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