Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's COLD Outside.....

I am FREEZING.... INSIDE our house! Yikes MAjikes! I hate being cold. If you know me, you know this. So I checked our thermostat and even though the heat is on, and has been on the house is 59 degrees. I am wearing layers and under blankets. The problem is that our house is old. Even though I am online researching lots of ways to save on the power bill and keep it warm, I know the bottom line is that we need new windows. You can stand by any window in this house and feel the draft blowing at you like a fan. They're from 1927 dude..
So I'm calling out to you all to help me! Any ideas or old wives tales you have on saving heat costs and keeping heat INSIDE your home I would love to hear.
Here are some of the sites I am reading on:

Power Company Cost Saving Suggestions

( erik do not start with me on turning off the lights ! Look at this chart and see that lights are not what is costing the big bucks! I dont like a dark house, its depressing!)
Lights on and off is one of the biggest differences in our relationship.

This Old House: Ways to Heat

Funny and True

If you make any improvements to save energy, this tells about tax credits.

Now Ya'll hurry up b/c its soooo cold right now, and I am so desperate for heat.. that I am contemplating exercising. Now you know its serious!

Helpful Chart


Jessica Chapman said...

it's also good to get your vents all checked out and make sure they are super attached, sounds silly, but it help... our house is old too. do you shut all the vents off upstairs? i feel you!

auhays said...

Fortunately we did not have to pay for this stuff in our house, but we have blown insulation in the attic (which looks like the insides of stuffed animals), and evidently that makes a huge difference since much heat escapes out of the top of your house. Not sure if you have an attic though. Also, we have Champion windows (or a comparable brand, don't remember), and they do a terrific job of keeping out cold, and are AMAZING for keeping out outside noise. Last, I would check to see if there are any drafty spots underneath or around your doorframe. If your door seals tight that will make a huge difference. Once again, this stuff was in the house when we bought it, but new windows will pay for themselves in home value, esp in older houses. My 2 cents!

Disclaimer: The information expressed herein is merely the author's opinion and are not verified to be factual!

Lindsey said...

We had a new ventilation system put in...don't ask about the cost. It was astronomical but it totally helps and will be worth it as long as we live here for the next 30 years (just kidding). The old ventilation system (under the house) was full of leaks and wholes so before the warm/cold air could reach our house it was being lost under the house.

Welcome to the world of old homes! I love them but it seems as if they are "money pits"!!!

Amy said...

I feel you guys, my house isn't as old as yours, mine was built in 1952 BUT it is freezing although the heat has been running constantly, and to add insult to injury my water pipes are frozen again!

grizaham said...

Its really cold... But what i do is go outside with and sit for about 10 minutes.. When i cant stand it anymore i come back in and 65 degree feels like 90.. so lets just turn the heat off.

Brandi's Blog said...

I feel your pain. Our house is only 15 years old and it's freezing too! Luckily we have a fireplace downstairs in the living room but it literally just takes the chill out of the air when it is roaring. I can feel cold air blowing through the living room from the garage to the back door when the wind blows (which is quite often in Kansas).
Spring will be here soon I HOPE!!

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