Sunday, January 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8

Are any of you guys watching American Idol this season? If so let me hear who you like so far! I started watching what was on Tivo today and I usually hate this part of the show... all the crazies who embarrass themselves and act a fool on national T.V. .. ugh but I have seen a few keepers. I like the one blonde girl from Kentucky so far who talks so country but has a neat voice.
The girl who auditioned in her SWIMSUIT and then back talked the judges needs to GO.
Oh I also really loved that girl with the pink hair and all the tattoos.. Emily...
Who did you guys like? or are you even watching?


AndreaLeigh said...

i'm watching but i really hate the audition weeks. two more weeks of this and then on to hollywood!

jenn said...

I love love love every second of it. Idiots and all!

grizaham said...

audition week is my fave! we watched 5 straight hours of idol a few days ago.. bikini girl gonna win it all..

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