Monday, January 26, 2009

Adult Acne & Tanning Beds.....

It's a great combination really. Don't ya'll dare start leaving me all the hate comments about the tanning bed. We have had that discussion before and the truth of it all is, yes, the sun is bad, I know, I know and I just don't care. Everything is bad for you (if you do enough research), but in this regard more damaging that wrinkles and skin cancer would be the lack of Vitamin D in my system which can cause a great sadness or case of the winter blahs.. HA...
I had sworn off the tanning beds forever because I thought that no tanning would give me great healthy even skin tone.. AND because of my rash. However I have come to see that the rash is not caused by the tanning bed, just exacerbated by it and also.. I have come to realize that the very thing giving me that nice skin and small pores was THE TANNING BED! AS soon as I stopped tanning i started having ugly, splotchity 30 yr old skin with huge nasty pores!
I never go more than once a week, if even that often because I have trouble laying still for so long, but Woot introduced me to this new thing called High Pressure Tanning Beds. Now that is something I have never heard of so , in case you haven't either, they are beds with just top bulbs, and the bottom is a mattress. It is a different type of Sun so it lasts longer and doesnt dry out the skin or cause the redness that regular beds do. They dont pull over you like a coffin, its much more like laying out for realzys. Oh and it costs more too. HA but in this cold, nasty, sunless climate, sometimes it feels good to pretend your in Cabo for 20 mins.
Also, in the words of the infamous Bobby Ray Reid, " Tan Fat looks better than white fat" HA
So originally this post was gonna be all about how I am fighting adult acne and DO NOT understand why.. and then like magic 2 hours after the tanning bed i notice my significantly smaller pores and start feeling hopeful again.
I still would love to hear of any good products that you guys use to treat or prevent the grossness of adult acne!
Also if you are interested in reading more on the risks and details of the different types of tanning please go here!

Here is a pic of that bed I was talking about earlier!


Mississippi Candice said...

I AGREE!!! I always have clear skin after the TB. And I feel so much better!

AndreaLeigh said...

not a tanning bed user here. i get discoloration on my skin from the sun so I'd hate to see my dark spots if I got into a bed. ugh, my skin.

i use an aspirin mask. crush 3 generic aspirin tablets (use a little water to make it easier) and mix with a clay mask. I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, found at Walgreens or Sallys. Leave it on until the mask dries and then remove as normal. Aspirin contains salysic (spelling) acid - the same stuff in over the counter acne treatments.

What I Know said...

Oh I could go on for days on this subject...but I won't. I will say a couple things, though...if you are on the pill, beware of getting too much sun (real or otherwise). It WILL cause brown sun damage spots. If it hasn't happend to you, you are either lucky or keep up with the sunscreen very well. I was not so lucky. Also, I am going to see a naturopathic doc next week to get some help with my irritated skin. Hopefully something natural can fix whatever it is that I have done to myself.

What I Know said...

Oh, and where do they have those kind of tanning beds? Looks like I may need to visit one of those before I go crazy from lack of sunlight.

Amy said...

Well don't go hating on my either for encouraging this behavior. Everyone has their own vices and the tanning bed is one of mine...everything in moderation!

Kyle said...

I saw B.R. at the lodge when I was working this weekend and we talked about you Laura! He says hello.

grizaham said...

Did a tanning bed once.. That was enough for me.. But since Nashville has turned into Seattle this past month it would probably do the body good to get under the UV lamp..

Lindsey said...

Never had acne until I had MM. Weird, right? I started using proactiv and if I use it properly and religiously, it works. I have to use all 3 products for it to be effective. Though I have had a breakout recently (I haven't been vigilent with the Proactiv) and I have actually thought of going to the tanning bed. Not a lot, but maybe once every other week just to help. I don't like to wear makeup at all (except mascara and lipstick) and breakouts drive me batty! Sorry for the rant;)

Anonymous said...

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Body Shaping said...

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