Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009: The Year or Iconic Concerts!

We have a great concert line up this year, that coincidnetally is of mostly big iconic musicians!
We saw Celine in January!

We have Britney Spears in March

Then Elton John & Billy Joel in May! I think this will be a pretty awesome show!

And then this morning, we FINALLY got some Phish tickets. We have been trying for basically every show since they announced going back on tour, and we have failed! Erik is an excellent ticket getter and he woke me up this morning screaming "YAHOOOOOOO we got Phish tickets! Finally!!!" He and Chad Holder were collaborating on the phone and managed to get us 4 tickets together to the Knoxville show! Erik has never seen phish before so this will be pretty awesome, adding to that irony, It is on June 10th Dr. G's birthday! We will have a super time!

If someone were to google say, Celine Dion, and find her name next to Phish and Britney Spears they would probably wonder what the heck they had in common! Ha well they are all on Grizaworld!


Alex said...

I am extremely jealous of all of these!!!

grizaham said...

Don't forget The Killers TONIGHT & Death Cab for Cutie in May and I have a feeling Pearl Jam is going to tour late fall! And Bonnaroo too!!

What I Know said...

Don't forget about the New Kids on the Block!!!

auhays said...

Looking at those Phish lights makes me muy jealous!

AndreaLeigh said...

great choices! i'd love to see briney, but I'll have to settle for a review and pics on your blog! :)

Kyle said...

Saw a headline on yesterday that said Britney may cancel her tour. Didn't read the article though so you may want to check it out.

grizaham said...

It wouldn't be a Britney concert with out some controversy KP!! And you are way too young to listen to "crazy" fox news! ;)
PS Anyone want to go to Bonnaroo let us know! It's one if the best times you will ever have! If u like musi! ;)

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