Monday, December 8, 2008

What does your Christmas tree Look Like?

It would be super rad if you guys knew how to post pics of your Christmas trees in the comments. I always think it's so neat to see the different direction or theme of other people's trees. Mine is a Butterfly sparkle them. I realized 2 valuable lessons this year. One is I like the frosted lights better than the clear kind. They Purty!
and I realized i need some ball shaped ornaments! I dont really have any like that and they look neat!
If you are feeling super typy then you can also tell about your Christmas traditions. Lots of peeps who read this blog are starting little families and maybe they need some fun ideas! ...Like Elf on the Shelf sort of stuff.
Vote in the Margin on if you go fake or real with the tree!


Linzy said...

Ha.. You cracked me up with that "They Purty" line... YOU PURTY!!! I still say that sometimes, but randomly to people who have no idea what it means and they always look at me funny.

Linzy said...

P.S. Love your tree. Our Christmas tradition is to get a Hallmark Keepsake ornament every year that has the year on it. I know, boring right? But it is still pretty fun to get them out every year and say "Oh, remember this one?"

LG said...

I like that Idea Linz! You PUUUURTY girl! xoxo love you

Amy said...

Well my tree isn't fully decorated just yet, and I prefer a real tree, but I had to have a fake one that was small enough for my house. It isn't really a tradition as much as it is how I decorate my tree. I have these old ornaments that belonged to my paternal grandparents. They are glass and are a mixture of sizes, colors, and shapes, but you can tell they are old and I LOVE THEM. Once I get enough on my tree I try to fill every empty container with them! I will try to post a picture soon.

Scott Terry said...

Lindsey said...

Love your tree. Seriously, I do.

Check out my post today and you will so see our all it's glory.:)

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