Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Updates...

I am currently in Birmingham for a hair appt and JessiDesign's Annual Christmas party! Very exciting and will post pics of that later.
Just wanted to post a few things

  • Congrats to Josh Hornsby and Susannah's sister Sara Jenkins for their engagements!
  • The Grouts got a new dogchild! Bilbo Baggins Grout a chocolate lab. So cute.
  • My friend Marie is selling an AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton bag & wallet on ebay. Click HERE to see the auction and bid!
  • Tiny E told me about a really cool website called and it shows you ideas for gifts in all price ranges and ages.
  • I am reading TWILIGHT. FInally! I am on book 2 and obsessed. I dont read that much anymore (other than computer or magazines) so its amazing how I am glued to these books! How many of you guys have read/are reading them?... ...
BTW - Thanks for all the comments on the blog lately! For a time I thought you guys had all disappeared! So glad to hear from you!


auhays said...

Laura in B'ham = no Hays and Mer call = sad :(. Have fun at your Christmas party!

Lori C. said...

Loved the Twilight series! i went to walmart at 9:00 one night in funroeville b/c i had just finished book 2 and couldn't stop there - had to get books 3 & 4!

grizaham said...

good day

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