Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ralphie's Holiday Diet

Every year, Ralphie gets fatter and somehow I dont see it... Until I pull out all his Christmas clothes and NONE of them fit. RAH. He got such great Christmas gear last year like a blinking light sweater and such that we have put him on a diet this month. He weighs 12.7 lbs !! dang! so we gotta get him down a smidge, atleast enough to fit into his clothes.I have promised not to give him any people food & Erik has been running both dogs 2 miles every day. I cant imagine how he gets them to actually run that long, but I have visions of him dragging them down the sidewalk on their leashes.


Granpa said...

Piker. Sadie goes 14 lbs.

Mississippi Candice said...

HAHAHAHA! I love it!

The Writer said...

Hey - I just tagged you:


Cory Holder said...

Tell Ralphie that Ophelia would like to get on the diet kick! She never fits into her Halloween costume from the previous year! :(

Julie said...

His Auntee has been saying for quite some time he has gained some lbs! Ha ha. I still love every inch of him!

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