Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Christmas Card.. Oh Christmas Card.....

FINALLY! The Christmas cards are starting to trickle in! So far we have :
Nonie, Phil & Becky, The MCCoys, Matt & Scott, Eric & Heather Anderson, Brother Wade & Andrea, Jessica Stuckey, The Taylors, and Candace
and then I found this box on the porch today! It had no card in it (:) but upon investigating the outside I saw it was from the Newcombs! Sooooo sweet! Perfect for our sports room. Thanks guys! It has an Auburn Santa on the back as well!


ml said...

When you come to Birmingham, and you don't call Hays and Mere, we get sad. And we tell Margaret Anne about you and your non-visit.

grizaham said...

For the record I was not in the HAM! :)
But i sure do love christmas cards.. Especially ones with pics.
War Eagle

Lindsey said...

Darlin', the Douglas card is in the mail. You'll love it. I'm sure:) or at least tell me you love it. HA! I had to include the screaming Santa pic. You know which one I'm talking about. HJ will kill me in about 15 years. HAHAHAHA! Oh the joys of parenthood.

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