Sunday, December 21, 2008

Name Ideas?

I have been giving some thought to changing the Blog name and Ebay business names in 2009. Mostly cause I am sooo very tired of trying to explain what a "Griza" is all the time! ha
Do you guys have any fun ideas ? If so please email them to me or leave in the comments!

Thanks! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS everyone notice the blog makeover?


grizaham said...

eBay name --> couture_lady
blog name --> crazy dog lady

and i mean that with all the love in the world.. ;)

Anonymous said...


Granpa Graham said...

Laura's Corner

auhays said...

I think you should keep "Griza" and have it trademarked! Plus it sounds like Griswold and makes e think of Christmas Vacation!

Scott Terry said...


Anonymous said...

what is Griza??? Thanx!

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