Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jobs... and Stuff Life That!

Well, Sunday was my last day at the Turnip Truck. In the end, it was not enough money for my time. Missing one hockey game because I had to work, costs more than my paycheck for the entire WEEK. ha plus its Christmas Season so a big time for my website, which is my real source of income so time to focus on that ALOT!
I really had a positive experience working there though and learned a lot about supplements and eating healthy, which was a main reason I got a job there. I also met lots of cool people (coworkers) as well as got to know almost our entire neighborhood! It was a VERY interesting and colorful job.
I will dearly miss all the homeless people taking dogs, selling boom boxes, the people who chant to the universe while shopping, or balk in offense at the sight of a Turkey at the grocery store, and some of the more specialer customers :)
So, if any of you guys need any Juicy Suits or Sports Golf Shirts etc for Christmas Presents you can check with www.mrsgriza.com continually as I will be adding new stuff everyday.

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