Monday, December 1, 2008

Jason Mraz is Incredible.

Jason Mraz did NOT disappoint last night. He is easily in the top 4 peformers on my list. The Killers, Phish, & Linkin Park are the only other bands I think are awesome to see live be sides Mraz. We saw him at the Rhyman which is a smaller venue and the entire crowd was into it, excited and all devoted fans which was neat.
He did a lot of fun covers like "Mary Jane" which melted me and Court. Below is a clip of him doing Buttercup. I was more into having a good time than documenting the show as much so sorry about that!
I have been loving him since his very beginning days and it was so fun to see him now, with great opening acts ( instead of being the opening act) and such a fantastic, confident performer who interacts with his audience alot and hasnt lost his passion for music. I dont know that he will be in the USA anytime soon but if he is I highly recommend going to see him.


His opening act was this really cool Folk Hippie Irish chick named Lisa Hannigan
who we were all impressed with ( she has worked with Damien Rice) and I was thinking how she is like a new Nanci Griffith and I can see her making great movie soundtracks or music on Grey's Anatomy and today when I googled her I see she has had music on Grey's ! You can click her link above and listen to her with the player built into her totally cute webste.


grizaham said...

4th time to see mraz. I liked the ATL show better cause he had a magician.. ;)

Courtney said...

he was A-MAZ-ing!!! i want to marry him...

auhays said...

Glad you guys enjoyed!

Lindsey said...

Glad y'all had such a fun time:)

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