Friday, December 12, 2008

I have Icicles Hanging from My nose!

Well! I'm back in Nashville now, and I'm freezing. I think there are icicles hanging from my nose and I'm sitting INSIDE on our COUCH. "Why", you say," is it so cold in Grizaland?" Well, apparently while I was away The HEAT BROKE. yes, you read that correctly, and poor bubs has been surviving here on his own wearing multiple layers eating rice from a box and sausage. Poor, Poor Bubs!
So now, I am home, Freezing too and waiting on the heating man. He has arrived and informed me that this broken part is gonna cost more than $500..... Let that sink in. FIVE.HUNDRED.DOLLARS. UGH
So I guess Erik and I will be giving each other heat for Christmas. Funs.
This is like 457th reason why you should have a dog, bc I have been rotating them up and down to heat me up since I have been home, and since they too are freezing they dont mind.


grizaham said...

Now that the heat works it seems very hot in that house!

Lindsey said...

Guess what? Our heat is out too and it is going to cost that much and we are so gifting it to each other for Christmas. Oh that hubby of mine is so very creative when it comes to gift giving. Just kidding:)

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