Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Well it was a big day here over in Grizaland! I had a dang Dr. Appt this morning, which is a good way to start off the year, by getting your yearly check ups out of the way! Today though, I was in my Doc's office looking around at her pics and stuff and do you know what? Her daughter is a celebrity and her son in law is too! I recognized him ( but not her) because he plays Doug on "Weeds" his real name is Kevin Nealon.Isn't that like SO cool? I had no idea. If I were here, I would wear a shirt EVERY day that says " My son in law is DOUG and he is Hilarious!" Anyway.. after all that I started my mission to pack up the Christmas gear. WOAH!
So I went to Wal-Mart to get a few more bins, as I acquired quite a bit of new decor on that shopping extravaganza in Mobile the other day. I was *Most* pleased when I found these awesome sterilite ornament containers on major sale. I have been looking for them everywhere, with no luck, till today. With these you dont have to wrap or layer your ornaments when packing up!
Then, I found this Fisher Price Nativity Set for Will. My mom has been DYING to find this and today when I saw Wal-mart had lots of Christmas toys marked down a good bit I went and looked for it ( it was very popular this year) and low and behold they had some AND they were 50% off! So $25. What a score. Mom is thrilled.
And now with all the Christmas Stuff put up.. well ok MOST of it... I am decorating the house for NYE. How are we wild crazy cats celebrating NYE you ask? Ha .... well with Blue Ray Movies, Champagne and PF Changs take out. LOL
5 years ago tonight is when I met my bubs... so NYE is a BIG deal to me..also 2 days shy of our Anniversary.. but for some reason i have never , EVER had awesome NYE plans.. and this year we just decided to buck all tradition and effort and do exactly what we wanted to do. Stay in where it's WARM, wearing comfy clothes, and watch the dang Batman movie that we still have not seen on his new PS3 Santa brought!
I'm pretty sure that is a sign of us getting old.. Ugh
*jessiD.. dont laugh at my photos. I havent had time to learn myself this new camera so I'm winging it for now! **

Happy 2009 Ya'll!
Thanks for being our Friends!


Cary said...

No sweet girl, that isn't getting old. It just means your brain has finally kicked in! HA! We have been doing that for years!
Happy 2009 to y'all!!!!

Scott Terry said...

Im glad to see you found the ornament boxes!

Julie said...

Yes that sounds like a great NYE! Although I did get LOTS of exercise with all the dancing I did last night. My legs are sore. Maybe that means I'm getting old.

Shannon N said...

Shut up! I did the exact same thing- PF Changs take-out and champaign. Again, sisters lost at birth! Also- what are you going to do with your old mac? Email me STAT!

AndreaLeigh said...

that is so super cool! love the ornament container. I've got to get one of those!

ml said...

So cool that Kevin Nealon is your doc's son-in-law! Hays got his book as a present last year, and it was really funny. All about what he went through when his wife got pregnant. Your New Years Eve sounds VERY nice, and Happy Anniversary to you guys!

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