Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flossie's Gentleman Callers....

Today, has been a busy day full of gentleman callers for my little Flossie. Now is her "special time" and apparently that was printed in our neighborhood newsletter. She has been a little too "friendly" since her birth, but I can never get her to understand why that is not OK. If you got our Christmas card then you saw how she was giving everyone the money shot, completely unprompted... probably just because she saw the camera.
Anyway, today Skippy from down the block , came by and like he always does, and peed on our front door. Friday when the Heater guy was here working he asked me if I was aware of the little brown dog that peed on our door, and I was all yeah, he is one of Flossie's boyfriends just saying hi. Since the newsletter Skippy has gone from once a day to about 50 times a day. Ralphie and Flossie notice him immediately and bark their heads off ALL.DAY.LONG.
Since I was working and concentrating, I thought I would let them go out in the back yard to play ( and bark... sorry neighbors). when it was time to come in, i just opened the door and said TREAT real loud in my mommy voice and they usually come a runin', but this time only Ralphie came. I start looking for Floss and see she is in the back by one area of fence and very sniffy but not leaving that area. I had to get my glasses & my shoes on and go and retrieve her, and do you know what i saw? a NOSE under that fence...a BOY's NOSE! and a HOLE. Some random dog, who was much to old (read BIG) for flossie was trying to bust her out by digging a hole she could get through. He digs, she tries it on, he digs some more, she tries again.. UGH. I told her just b.c he is promising her fluffy pink dog beds and chicken bones doesn't mean he will follow through! Dang she is so un-smart.
So Erikface... guess you have some work to do tomorrow! A nice long talk explaining the birds and the bees and how other boys, besides Ralphie having working Bees and she needs to think about her future.... and you will have to patch the hole her boyfriend dug for her!!
Just another day in the life... with bad dogs!


Julie said...

You've got to keep your eye on that girl! Before you know it she'll be having some crazy ugly-looking dog kids!

Amy said...

It might be time to give up the dream of little flossie, and get her fixed...sad I know, but you know Erik won't let you keep all the puppies!

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