Monday, December 15, 2008

Did You Guys Watch THE HILLS Tonight?!?!

Heidi & Spencer totally went to the Melia ME in Cabo, which is where Erik & I were married!!
We re-visit it every year and its not near as posh as it was back in the Laguna Beach days when we were married! Below is a pic of Matt, Scott, Erik & I having our $9 Mojitos there this year. It was full of VERy drunk 20 year olds making out under water taking pictures enjoying 50 drinks per hour and never getting out of the pool to go to the bathroom! hmmm
Wonder if Speidi made them clean the pools that week!


Scott Terry said...

I love that pic of us!

grizaham said...

Cabo is a good place!

Linzy said...

I bet they didn't have Rod Stewart playing when she walked out... (wasn't that who you said was playing when you walked out onto the beach to get married???) /anyways, i bet yours was 100 times better than hers cause you PURTY and she sucks.

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