Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear SantaDog,

My momma sayz I cant ask you for much cause I have been such a bad tiny little dogball, BUT i really wish you could bring me a new bed. I love my pink furry bed and I lovvvee to sit by the fireplace in it too, but yesterday when I was snuggling up in my pink bed by the fireplace, the mailman came. I hate the mailman. He wears SHORTS in the winter time,What a struggle! So I jumped up to yell at him about how much I dislike him for coming onto my porch in his dumb shorts , and the force of my jumping pushed my pink furry bed right into the fireplace.
My mom was pretty stressed and upset about a fire indoors melting pink plastic bits everywhere, and she says for you NOT TO SHOW THIS TO MY DADDY. He hates when we turn on the fireplace and this will make him reaaaalll mad.
Anyway, Can you puh-lease bring me a new snuggley bed, perhaps one that will match my mom's living room decor?
licks and dog bones,
Flossie Glitterati Graham

PS. and I also didnt mean it today when I got all muddy in the back yard them jumped on Julie's WHITE bedspread. That was a total accident and I know I have gotten spanked for it before, but today was different. It was Ralphie's fault. He made me.
PPS. oh and also I didnt mean it when I tried to TT on my moms new rug this morning or when I tried to bite Bilbo Baggins Grout Dog in the face. I'm just not a morning pup. Everyone makes mistakes Santa.


Lindsey said...


Lindsey said...

Oh and GO GATORS!!!!!

Scott Terry said...

NICE! That is definitely a letter from Flossie

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

OMG! I am having a horrible morning and I was almost in tears! Reading this made me laugh so hard! Thanks!
Poor Flossie! I think since she is so apologetic, she needs a new BIGGER bed!

auhays said...

Sounds like she has had a tough run! Can you teach her to think before she acts? Santa would encourage that!

LG said...

LOL hays! Santa probably wishes I Knew how to do that too!

Linzy said...

Everyone makes mistakes Santa... That was too cute!

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