Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas!

At D & J's Christmas party last week I got lots of fun feedback and met lots of new peeps. One in particular, Rachel from Dothan ( who knows you Hazer!) said I should do a post of Christmas Gift Items... so here you go!

Woot turned me onto the BUTLER BAG today and its REALLY neat. Comes in alot of styles and colors and has a super neat interactive video where you can choose your bag and it lets you drag and drop the usual ncotents ( books, wallet, keys, phone etc)so you can see how well they fit and stay organized. They also make one for MOMS. My mom friends are always discussing how their purse/diaper bag is a wreck.

and then my personal list. Do NOT laugh at all my lists on Kaboodle. Its a great service which I have blogged about before...
Below is a nice little slide show for you guys! What are you guys asking for Christmas?

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Mississippi Candice said...

I FREAKING LOVE KABOODLE!! I send mine to Rick and my mom! We will see what I get!!! LOVE IT!!! Oh, and LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel too! She is a TRIP!

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