Friday, December 5, 2008

The Christmas Card Fiasco.....

Dudes & Dudettes.... I hate to admit this but our Christmas cards this year are a real let down. I totally took the cheap route... to try and save some $$ and boy do I regret it... kind of. I bought the cards in the dollar bin at Target and printed a totally random chaotic pic to go on the front... what I didn't think about was how each and every one of the almost 200 cards we send is BLANK inside.... so I am having to hand write inside of YIKES. so when you get a card that says Merry Christmas really sloppy like.. just understand why and dont take it personally. Also if I dont have your address please email it to me!
The envelopes are so thin that I think they were made out of kleenex so it will be a miracle if they make it through the US Postal System and arrive in tact.


Lindsey said...

I just ordered our cards today....I'm so late. So your card will be a little later than I anticipated:) Our addy has changed. Email me if you can't find it on

Marshall said...

Go get a Merry Christmas stamp!

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