Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Well it was a big day here over in Grizaland! I had a dang Dr. Appt this morning, which is a good way to start off the year, by getting your yearly check ups out of the way! Today though, I was in my Doc's office looking around at her pics and stuff and do you know what? Her daughter is a celebrity and her son in law is too! I recognized him ( but not her) because he plays Doug on "Weeds" his real name is Kevin Nealon.Isn't that like SO cool? I had no idea. If I were here, I would wear a shirt EVERY day that says " My son in law is DOUG and he is Hilarious!" Anyway.. after all that I started my mission to pack up the Christmas gear. WOAH!
So I went to Wal-Mart to get a few more bins, as I acquired quite a bit of new decor on that shopping extravaganza in Mobile the other day. I was *Most* pleased when I found these awesome sterilite ornament containers on major sale. I have been looking for them everywhere, with no luck, till today. With these you dont have to wrap or layer your ornaments when packing up!
Then, I found this Fisher Price Nativity Set for Will. My mom has been DYING to find this and today when I saw Wal-mart had lots of Christmas toys marked down a good bit I went and looked for it ( it was very popular this year) and low and behold they had some AND they were 50% off! So $25. What a score. Mom is thrilled.
And now with all the Christmas Stuff put up.. well ok MOST of it... I am decorating the house for NYE. How are we wild crazy cats celebrating NYE you ask? Ha .... well with Blue Ray Movies, Champagne and PF Changs take out. LOL
5 years ago tonight is when I met my bubs... so NYE is a BIG deal to me..also 2 days shy of our Anniversary.. but for some reason i have never , EVER had awesome NYE plans.. and this year we just decided to buck all tradition and effort and do exactly what we wanted to do. Stay in where it's WARM, wearing comfy clothes, and watch the dang Batman movie that we still have not seen on his new PS3 Santa brought!
I'm pretty sure that is a sign of us getting old.. Ugh
*jessiD.. dont laugh at my photos. I havent had time to learn myself this new camera so I'm winging it for now! **

Happy 2009 Ya'll!
Thanks for being our Friends!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Recipe Journal..

TaaaDaaa! Thanks to a gift card from Matt & Scott I got this nifty new Cookbook Journal thingy from Williams Sonoma! It is really nice soft leather with my initials on the front. Ya'll know I'm not much in the kitchen but I am gonna work to change that in 2009!SO,....feel free to send me some recipes!
The inside has all sort sof useful measurements and stuff and lists of which foods are grown in which season.. then windows for recipe cards and stuff. Basically a fancy schmancy Cooking scrapbook!

The Grizas are Home!

We have finally made it home! I never thought I would say this, but we had a fabulous time in Monroe town! We stayed longer than I have ever visited since I was 18 and we still had jam packed days. Erik was hunting morning and Night. He got a 5pt today right before we left! Yesterday I spent the day boosting the American Economy with my Momma, Nonie , Aunt and Cousin and BOY did we have fun! We shopped from about 8am - 9pm! Great times and GREAT buys! Perhaps I will post pictures of all my loot later!
We came home to lots of fun Christmas cards! All in all we got about 50 this year. Thanks to everyone for all the beautiful and sweet cards! My top 2 favs were from John Brandt & Candis Hacker! Very cool Cute Cards! Meghan was in charge of John;s so i cant imagine how many hours it took getting it just right!
Happy New year everybody!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Major Christmas Surprise...

It is pretty rare these days, for anyone to be genuinely and pleasantly surprised... and Erik has managed it. I cant tell you how fun that is... to be totally surprised at Christmas. This was yet another reason why this was the best Christmas since I was 8. There is alot to be said for the element of surprise. He bought me a new MacBook PRO laptop, which just about put me into orbit. I mean I could NOT believe it!! It was so FUN to get something so awesome and have no idea it was coming. and so CUTE that he just thought that up and did it on his own. He has always been very thoughtful, and has spoiled me since the first week we met, but this probably tops everything!
and you can see from my reactions that I was 8 all over again....

So between this and the super fancy camera from Santa.. i may just disappear into cyberspace and never be heard from again...

The Best Christmas Since I was 8....

Group Shot. My parents, Bro and Erik. Most pics my bro was DIGGING his fingers into my rib cage so that is why I am standing funny with a weird face....
Below you can see all the paper damage. This has seriously been the best Christmas since I was like 8... for alot of reasons. Its really fun being here for an extended time and not having to feel rushed. Erik is doing lots of hunting and man stuff. We have Will this weekend and that is alot of fun and entertainment. We also got AWESOME presents from everyone.
My Momma gave me some really unique cool stuff. Below are some House #'s for us. Our current ones are so small and unnoticeable. I doubt this will be so unnoticeable! Super cute!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today's Thrift Store Find... Vintage Tupperware

I absolutely, without a doubt (or explanation) LURVE tupperware. It all started when Erik made me go to the neighborhood "Tupperware Party" when we lived in Birmingham... and now I'm obsessed. Vintage Tupperware is even neater b.c of the groovy colors it comes in, and because it generally reminds me of old times...
Anyway this is an entire Vintage Tupperware Picnic set in a very WAR EAGLE-ish Orange. I am especially excited about tailgating with those orange Salt & Pepper shakers.. and the Orange Mustard and Ketchup Dispensers, even though Erik swears he is taking next Fall off from the AU footballs.....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Name Ideas?

I have been giving some thought to changing the Blog name and Ebay business names in 2009. Mostly cause I am sooo very tired of trying to explain what a "Griza" is all the time! ha
Do you guys have any fun ideas ? If so please email them to me or leave in the comments!

Thanks! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS everyone notice the blog makeover?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Like her Momma... always gravitating toward the finer things in life...

My sweet little Bossie. She has been home for a while now and is glad to be back. We wont know for a few weeks if she is "with pup" or not. but so many people have asked me what do we plan to do with the puppies... and so let me just clarify that assuming it worked and she is pregnant there is very little chance of her having more than 2 puppies... so it wont be too hard to disperse them... assuming that I have that kind of willpower. HA

Some Itunes News...

Im way way way obsessed with Itunes.. I dont care that you have to pay the dang dollar cause all your media comes organized with album art and all the CORRECT info along with it .. so that being said here are some things worth knowing...
  • R.Kelly has a free single out this week called I believe. Emphasis on the FREE. Say what you will about R.kelly but i luuuurve him. and I always will. sort of like how I will always love Michael jackson. (erikface hates when i say that outloud.)
  • There is a FREE Holiday Single out as well by some chick I have never heard of... but it is Silent Night and everyone knows that one.Also a free Holiday Single from ENYA.
  • The CHARLIE BROWN Christmas Album is on sale right now for $4.99. If you have already purchased any of the songs you can complete the album for cheaper. I had 2 songs already so I only had to pay $3.01 for the WHOLE album. dang!! It's been cool since 1965. Cant say that about too many Albums!

Iphone Wallpaper of the Week: Christmas Trees Retro

A new Take on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Our little girls group had our party last night at the Grouts house. It was an Ugly Sweater theme but we drew names and the presents we purchased were for our persons ALTER EGO instead of the actual Girl. .It was hilarious and fun. My alter ego is Keisha and she got some Juicy Couture unders that were pink with gold foil print on them and a pink sequin headband.

Jenn cooked us an awesome and fancy meal of Lemon Chicken Risotto , Potatoes, Beans and salad.
Erik's sweater was pretty rad. He was pleased that even though it costs $2 at Goodwill it was still Tommy Hilfiger HA and Chad pinned bits of Holly all over him.

I love her tree. Its huge and very classic Martha Stewart Decorated. looks gorgeous

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Got Moves

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

A new Blog Obsession

Oh Look (nonie) I spelled "Obsession" correctly! There is hope for me yet...

Anyway I randomly stumbled upon this chicks blog tonight and I cant quit laughing at her. What is strange is that she looks a lot like Shay! Shay do you have another life we dont know about? she's even a Law-Yer like you! She cusses alot but is very funny.


though you are likely to become addicted..

Christmas Gift Ideas!

At D & J's Christmas party last week I got lots of fun feedback and met lots of new peeps. One in particular, Rachel from Dothan ( who knows you Hazer!) said I should do a post of Christmas Gift Items... so here you go!

Woot turned me onto the BUTLER BAG today and its REALLY neat. Comes in alot of styles and colors and has a super neat interactive video where you can choose your bag and it lets you drag and drop the usual ncotents ( books, wallet, keys, phone etc)so you can see how well they fit and stay organized. They also make one for MOMS. My mom friends are always discussing how their purse/diaper bag is a wreck.

and then my personal list. Do NOT laugh at all my lists on Kaboodle. Its a great service which I have blogged about before...
Below is a nice little slide show for you guys! What are you guys asking for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it the END or BEGINNINg of this Loooong Saga?

Well nobody knows! This week Flossie broke off her engagment to Tucker in Birmingham, Al. She said he has a great family and is so good looking but she just didnt want to do the long distance thing anymore. Being the understanding mommy that I am, I perused the internet in search of her another STUD... and boy did I find some! The one she chose is a 5lb pup in Lebanon named Bosco. He was VERY cute. I would love to tell you all about how this consumed my day, but I'm just too tired and momma is sick... so I will just say this..
Here were are on our way to meet Bosco. She is contemplating the cross over into womanhood. She brushed her hair and wore her bestest Christmas sweater... but Bosco didnt give 2 hoots about her cuteness.

Here is proof that Bosco is a good doggy-dad. He makes beautiful offspring... Quite the miracle that this little pup didnt come back home with us.
and then comes the unpleasant part... husband and wife consumating the union. We pick her up tomorrow and if he wasnt successful then we quit and Bossie gets spayed.
I will keep you posted cause I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats anticipating the outcome.... ha

Looking for Santa......

Monday, December 15, 2008

Did You Guys Watch THE HILLS Tonight?!?!

Heidi & Spencer totally went to the Melia ME in Cabo, which is where Erik & I were married!!
We re-visit it every year and its not near as posh as it was back in the Laguna Beach days when we were married! Below is a pic of Matt, Scott, Erik & I having our $9 Mojitos there this year. It was full of VERy drunk 20 year olds making out under water taking pictures enjoying 50 drinks per hour and never getting out of the pool to go to the bathroom! hmmm
Wonder if Speidi made them clean the pools that week!

Dinner on a Dime...

Because the Grizas are on a tight budget this month, ... we have been trying to eat at home and stuff. This requires cooking...which I am not great at. Thanks to people like Tiny E, LP and Cory.. we are not starving! Tiny E gives me lots of recipes and I love how she dumbs them down for and explains things like "saute that first" or quantities... she knows me too well.
Tonight we made "Chicken Rotel" which involves alot of cheese, which my snugs loves. It also is big enough to feed 50 so we can eat it all week. HA or as Cory suggested.. freeze half of it for those desperate moments when we have NO food in this house! I have made some labels so that I can just print and stick on my disposable tupperwares and freeze half of the dish.
Now doesnt this look like chopped up Chicken? Well its NOOOOT! Ha Gotcha Bubs! ( ya'll have no idea how much Erik learns about his life from this blog!ha).... It is TOFU. Tofu comes in alot of fun textures and flavors so this is a firm Italian flavored one. Besides being better for you it has 2 other perks! One is it is CHEAP like $2 and the other is it does not require to be thawed out so when you forget to thaw out your meat pieces you can use Tofu instead!
And Look Above Tiny e.. sauteing like you taught me! and it all turned into what you see below. Hooray for me! and for your viewing pleasure i will post the recipe!
Chicken Rotel
1-2 lbs chicken
1 lb Velveeta cheese
1 stick butter
1 can English Peas, drained
1 can Mushrooms, drained
2 Cans Rotel
1 Onion
1 Bell Pepper
1 Box Vermicelli Noodles
Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Preheat oven to 350. Boil Chicken then dice. Cook broken noodles in chicken broth according to package. Drain set chicken and noodles aside.
Sauté onion and bell pepper in stick of butter. Add Velveeta, rotel (not drained), peas, and mushrooms. Combine with chicken and noodles.
Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Top with cheese and bake for another 10 minutes.
Yields: About 15 servings.

Speaking of Gentleman Callers.....

It's been a loooong night. You wont even believe what happened. Before I start telling the story, Nonie, Momma, do not read this. ( My mom is cringing cause she knows what this is about). But sometimes on this blog, I have to tell you things that are gross or maybe TMI, because its educational, like a PSA. I wish someone would have told me about this before last night.... when I lost my mind .
So it was bedtime, and we were all washed, brushed etc about to climb in when I realized the dogs were missing. I went to retrieve them from the kitchen where I last saw them eating food pieces. Most of they day they don't care one thing about dry dog food, until it no longer is an option, like say bedtime when they will be shut up in the bedroom. Then dry dogfood becomes delicious and irresistible.
Anyway, I heard this noise, like a fight coming from in there and I see Flossie on her back kicking at Ralphie and I start yelling for him to get off of her, only he couldn't.... they were "connected"... UGH so I scream for Erik (which he ignored) and soon after that they came apart and Flossie runs off like she had been spanked. Ralphie is laying on the floor and I was about to turn off the light and retreat when I looked down at him and saw the grossest thing ever!
His bee was out and not normal looking. I mean in all my days and dogs I have never seen anything this shape or color. I thought his guts were hanging out or he had a hernia. Erik came to inspect and one of his first comments was " Babe he might die" which just confirmed my already crazy thoughts.
I called Uncle Louie ( the vet) no answer, I called my dad , no answer. I got out the phone book to call the emergency vet and then my dad called me back.
I calmly tried to explain what was going on in as much detail as possible, which is hard to do when talking to your DAD about such things.. but even though I woke him up in the middle of the night he was very sweet ( and didn't laugh) and explained that all was well. That was normal, and natural and it would go back in. I dont know how it could. but it did . Just hearing the confidence in my dad's voice was immediately calming. I sat on the floor and cried for 10 minutes after that because I was so relieved. I really thought he was gonna die, or at the least need surgery. Louie and I talked today and he explained why that happens and all t he science behind it and I just had to tell you guys incase it ever happens to your dog, so you will know what is happening and not freak out.
I have a picture that goes with this blog but its just too graphic. Sorry.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flossie's Gentleman Callers....

Today, has been a busy day full of gentleman callers for my little Flossie. Now is her "special time" and apparently that was printed in our neighborhood newsletter. She has been a little too "friendly" since her birth, but I can never get her to understand why that is not OK. If you got our Christmas card then you saw how she was giving everyone the money shot, completely unprompted... probably just because she saw the camera.
Anyway, today Skippy from down the block , came by and like he always does, and peed on our front door. Friday when the Heater guy was here working he asked me if I was aware of the little brown dog that peed on our door, and I was all yeah, he is one of Flossie's boyfriends just saying hi. Since the newsletter Skippy has gone from once a day to about 50 times a day. Ralphie and Flossie notice him immediately and bark their heads off ALL.DAY.LONG.
Since I was working and concentrating, I thought I would let them go out in the back yard to play ( and bark... sorry neighbors). when it was time to come in, i just opened the door and said TREAT real loud in my mommy voice and they usually come a runin', but this time only Ralphie came. I start looking for Floss and see she is in the back by one area of fence and very sniffy but not leaving that area. I had to get my glasses & my shoes on and go and retrieve her, and do you know what i saw? a NOSE under that fence...a BOY's NOSE! and a HOLE. Some random dog, who was much to old (read BIG) for flossie was trying to bust her out by digging a hole she could get through. He digs, she tries it on, he digs some more, she tries again.. UGH. I told her just b.c he is promising her fluffy pink dog beds and chicken bones doesn't mean he will follow through! Dang she is so un-smart.
So Erikface... guess you have some work to do tomorrow! A nice long talk explaining the birds and the bees and how other boys, besides Ralphie having working Bees and she needs to think about her future.... and you will have to patch the hole her boyfriend dug for her!!
Just another day in the life... with bad dogs!

Pictures from J&D's Crunkalicious Christmas Extravaganza!

Iphone Wallpaper of the Week: Christmas Ornaments!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Christmas Card.. Oh Christmas Card.....

FINALLY! The Christmas cards are starting to trickle in! So far we have :
Nonie, Phil & Becky, The MCCoys, Matt & Scott, Eric & Heather Anderson, Brother Wade & Andrea, Jessica Stuckey, The Taylors, and Candace
and then I found this box on the porch today! It had no card in it (:) but upon investigating the outside I saw it was from the Newcombs! Sooooo sweet! Perfect for our sports room. Thanks guys! It has an Auburn Santa on the back as well!

New Discoveries....

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