Friday, November 28, 2008

When Black Friday Comes..

Do you shop? I do. Every. year. Today I left at 7am which was kind of late for that sort of thing but still very productive. I think I just enjoy going more than actually buying things. I like all the Christmas Decorations all over the mall,the sales, and the hilarious conversations I always over hear " Gene,,, he said he wants "mario WITH the Kart" mario M-A-R-I-O" and I did get a good chuckle at all the people in the mall eating Chinese food at 9am. HA
This year, I did buy a few things but nothing spectacular. I currently have 8 presents under the Christmas tree that has been up all week. In that week, I have realized what a pain it is to plug and unplug all the Christmas lights several times a day. Lights on the mantle, porch, tree, the blow up Santa etc.. so today I bought 2 fun and cool things. A pedal that you can step on to turn off the tree and a remote controlled surge protector thingy for all the outdoor lights. I am proud to report that they both ACTUALLY work. I didn't expect them to...

I also got the missing handle for my Ralphie/Flossie dresser. Done & Done..
Now to just get all those Thanksgiving plates etc put away and replaced with IRON BOWL PARTY WARE!

ps. Raise your hand if you sang the title to this blog.

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