Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sports Room Progress

Erik hung some pictures for me yesterday. Bro ( Steven Graham) has acquired quite the sports collection , which has all be in the Bwood Basement for a while, so we asked him if we could borrow some of it for the sports room and he said yes! :) Thanks Bro! That framed Titans jersey is an example of that!
I also managed to get a cheap bedskirt at Target for $25. However strong my love affair with Target has been these last 2 years, I am thinking about breaking up with Target for Wal-Mart. I got this Spread & Shams there for $30! Crazy! Cheaply made yes, but still soft and comfy ( not scratchy) and AFFORDable! ha I got that pillow at Dirt Cheap like 2 years ago for $3. At the time I just liked it and had no use for it , but glad I got it!
Now, just to find a paint color, night stands, and a way to display all the Bobble Heads, pucks and other sports flair! Feel Free to make suggestions in the comments section!

1 comment:

tiny e said...

What about baby blue night stands? You appear to have a Titans theme with navy bedspread...

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