Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some of Life's More Challenging Moments...

Not that I'm some sort of baby expert, but I really didnt think they liked T.V. But if you have any baby Einstein videos then they LOVE tv. Its the weirdest stuff to watch too, its kind of trippy, a lot of colors, movement and odd noises. Below is Will's favorite character on the video. He is mesmerized by this lamb! It just makes absolutely no sense to me but they are interesting and if you have a baby then you should totally have these videos.
Now the above mentioned time is the ONLY time he will sit still when awake, so dressing him is like the most hilarious event ever. Some idiot that makes baby clothes thought it would be a good idea to put 45 buttons on the legs of their pants. I hope you think you can get all those buttons done and matched up properly on a 7 month old!( Lesson #2: Babies are not Barbies.)

And here is the wiggly little thing now, making his get away. Notice his leg position? Its hard to get pants on little kicky legs in that position! ha


Lori C. said...

I can testify to the greatness of Baby Einstein movies. I would have not been able to get a shower from the time the girls were 4 months until well past a year old without these movies (thank god for these movies and an activity center or I would have been one stinky Momma!) Children are absolutely mesmerized when they watch them. Defintely need to invest in a few of these if you have children 2 years and under.

grizaham said...

Baby Einstein kept me thinking, "Whats next?" ;)

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