Monday, November 24, 2008

The New Living Room! Hooray!

One of the many Before pics..... Then after my Aunt & Nonie went around our house and gathered some things and moved some things... we came up with a new look.
The wall color is going to be changed. Not the orange but the co-ordinating one. A different rug will be purchased once I get the refund for that orange one that sheds 400lbs of wool fur a minute.The mantle will be "dry brushed" the same color the wall gets painted. Also need a few more ( bigger) pillows. CC added some lamps for warmth and that helped a lot I think!
We re arranged the couch and stuff. Returned the rug to West elm, which is still very much a work in progress. They have been telling me returning it would be NO problem.. yet the day I show up with a rug its all... "Where is your receipt?" which I know I have somewhere.. but anyway.. just FYI.. as crazy as it sounds the company West Elm does not keep a record of their transactions beyond 3 months. So whatever you buy on your West Elm card or account, will be invisible in 3 months. Make SURE to print it OUT.
Of course the guitar hero guitars will be replaced with a metal coat rack. Hopefully all the gaming stuff will be moved to a seperate TV. (Erik?)

Feel Free to email me any cute rugs you have seen for this room! (8x10)

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Great new feel in the living room. We can axe the guitar hero, that game got old real quick.

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