Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My "Dirt Cheap" Bargains from the weekend..

While I was home, My mom, Nonilicious and I took a trip to "Dirt Cheap" and some thrift stores. Dirt cheap is kind of like a catalog returns store or closeout house. They have stuff from Pottery Barn, Target, Walmart , Drug stores, Macys, etc etc....
My total was $11.12 ! and Below are some of my wares! Those light (Titan's Blue) Euro Shams you see below were $45 each at Macys. I paid .25 CENTS each!
Super High Thread Count too!

Here is a Duvet Cover I got. Its a "Hotel Collection" from Macy's. Retail $200. I paid $3.00.... THREE dollars! Dang! Now I just gotta find the matching shams. Geesh
I got this navy curtain ( originally from target) for the Sports Guest room for $1. sweet!


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