Saturday, November 22, 2008

ICE! at Opry Mills Hotel

Tonight, after the Radio City Rockets show, we went to the ICE exhibit. It is a whole village sort of thing, with a GRINCH theme all made of beautiful colored and carved ice. It was unbelievable! and very cold!
They hand out these blue water proof jackets at the door so you can slide down a slide ( made of ice) and keep warm.
The Ice Tunnel
Richard, Anna Catherine & I with the Grinch
A nativity Scene at the end. I was impressed with how both the ICE exhibit and the Rockets show both gave a huge tribute to Jesus... especially in a world/time when people want to say "Holiday" and not "Christmas" ooooohhh how that irks me. It was cool that they didnt go all PC on us.

More to come later. It has been a REALLY full day and we are oh so tired...


Mallory said...

How fun!!!!
We are going over THanksgiving with the family- looks like it will be fun.

Fran said...

That is so neat. Still loving your blog. Wish we could see you guys.

grizaham said...

I think i could live there!

Julie said...

That show was really fun and entertaining!

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