Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Grizas are Sickle.

All weekend I fought an ear infection ( who knew grown ups even got those ?!) and then Sunday night Julie was feeling sick. She is still sick and today Erik called me from work saying he is getting sick! He had a 102 Temp tonight when he got home. The crazy thing about our sickness is that the "symptoms" arent really major but your body is so sore and achy and you are so tired that it's crazy! I layed in bed ALL day Saturday, which I never ever do! So above is the regimine of meds I have prepared for my snubs.
Below is a chest I bought at Goodwill for $22! Its real wood and So ugly right now but i have big plans for it next week so stay tuned!

I also drove to a few towns in Kentucky shopping all day for website inventory and I did quite well! I found a Zappos Outlet store that was majorly cool! I am working very hard on all my Christmas stuff so Thanksgiving weekend I can launch a huge online store and auctions!

We will be in Monroeville this weekend visiting my family and Aunt Juliel will be on guard with Pups all weekend.
So that's all for now!


Linzy said...

I know you are sick but are you seriously not going to blog anything about the election? It is historic!

SarahL said...

I was sick with the same thing last month. I totally feel your pain. I hate to tell you this, but it takes a while to get over. It took me about two weeks to get completely over it. Get lots of rest and get better before the AUvsUGA game!

Julie said...

Yes! Bring those cute pups over to Auntee's house so we can get to snuggling!

auhays said...

I got my flu shot a few weeks ago, and was sore and achy for like 2 weeks. Terrible! But I really didn't feel bad other than that

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

I hope the Grizas get better soon, because I need my blog fix!! It is one of the many things that gets me through the hum drum work day!! Seriously though, I don't really care if you get better or not, but fear the wrath if there are no new blog posts soon!! :) Have a good trip to the 'Ville..

grizaham said...

Feeling mucho better down here in Monroeville. Thanks for the prayers... ;)

GHD said...

I have had the same thing for 6 days.. Brother in law is a physician. He said there is nothing better than Mucinex DM-MAXIMUM. You need at least 1000mg of Guaf/Dex and that has 1200mg. Then 3 liters of water also. He needs to be on an antibiotic if he is anything over 100.8. He will be feeling better in a few days. Looks like you have the mucus relief, but make sure he is taking 1000mg at a time (this one likely has 600mg). WATER WATER WATER. guaf and dex loosens up the phlem, but if you don't get enough water it can actually be toxic and this is what can cause the infection part. Water is key. If he can't stand it any more, he needs to go to a doc in the box and REQUEST a shot of dexamethasone to relieve the inflamation in his bronchial passages. This is what causes caugh... they get inflammed and your brain senses the need to caugh to reduce the pressure or 'tickle'.. This can also be treated by a narcotic caugh medicine, but that will only block the brain receptors for the nerve to itch.. but... it will make him sleep better... but it wont REALLY cure the problem (only mask it).. It all depends on if he just can't sleep or not. Sleep Water Mucinex DM-MAX, Antibiotic should be a must starting now... then a trip to the doc if he isn't better in 36 hours.

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