Monday, November 24, 2008

The Decorating Madness has BEGUN!

Normally, I never want to decorate for any holiday "too early" but this year, for whatever reason, I am super excited to decorate for Christmas. I cant WAIT. and I didnt. Yesterday it began... See the mess of boxes below? I had one of these boxes full of stuff i got on super sale after Christmas last year and that was SO fun to open!

Here is Nonielicious refreshing my wreaths. She made an AWESOME one.
Isn't this fabulous! Silver with pink, purple, blue and a big peacock! I know this isnt "traditional Christmas colors" but I have decided to just give it and go with it b.c I think those are SOOO pretty. My nanny had a silver tree when I was little and one day I will too!
Here is the decorating crew. They got ALOT done. ha just kiddin they are watching the AMA's.
Julie, Erik, Ellen, Ralphie , Flossie, Anna & Richard! Good thing we havea king size bed!
Every Year I buy a Christmas frame for our Christmas card Pic and write the year on the back. Here they are so far..
Here is the tree for Julie's room. It is Silver with Fiber optic lighting and Yorkie ornaments!
Here is the the tree in the sports room with Titans and Auburn ornaments!
So have you guys started decorating? Tell me what you have done... More pics to come later! I have to work this afternoon/night so its a work in progress.
Jingle Jingle!


grizaham said...

I think christmas decorations should be hung in october.

Julie said...

My Chrima tree has been up for 4 days already and I listened to Chrima music while I did it! It's never too early. Yay for Chrima lights.

Courtney said...

i put my decorations and tree up on sunday! i loves the christmas holiday!! and i agree with erik...decorations should go up in october!!!

Lindsey said...

We put up all the decor this past Saturday. I think we should decorate for Christmas the first day of November. HA!

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